Thursday, November 6, 2014

When you pass any official letter to respective corresponding it always abide with a reference number. Many organizations maintain a log book to follow reference number. Especially all government organizations strictly follow the rules of use reference number.
Now days, Internet made our life more easy and comfortable in every possible ways and email communication is the one of these.
One day, when the electronic mail communication was not in the entire globe, peoples were written in papers by hand.
I remember, just only few years ago during my childhood, when a mail man/draft man pass any official mail from the office s/he must check log book and set a reference number, in the typewriter edge and before & after. Also, now peoples use reference number when they correspond by official pad. Sometimes the reference number maintain by the higher official in a company/organization.
But when we pass many important contents without any official pad or documents just write in the email text boxes! We have no reference number for this e-letter. So, if anybody replies this mail he should not repeat it texts in his letter/mail. So, which reference he may indicate to perform his official duty.
If there have auto generate or reference number for every email services would be great that the reference number should use and searchable in the both clients email services with thy {email provider company name, client organization acronyms/code name, and a numerical number}. Every reference number should be universal and unique.

Just a day ago I got a letter from Radio Naf 99.2 fm they received from Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) for Naf wrote for AIBD’s membership and got the idea of email reference number though I do not know if any email service provider(s) are already working with it or not.

Sometimes it happens many organizations do not maintain reference log book and sometimes many organizations do not maintain reference log book but set reference number for its courtesy. And also many organizations do not care to use of it. And in the email communication (may be) nobody use reference number, the text boxes just consider as simply letter.
Email service providers like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others can launch reference number services to make future email communication more valuable and wonderful! So, how wonderful the future email communication will be with reference number!

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