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Professor Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, 11th President of the India Republic and pioneer Physicist and Nuclear Scientist. Image © Prothom Alo
Few days ago I heard that 11th President of the India Republic and pioneer Physicist and Nuclear Scientist APJ Abdul Kalam are coming Bangladesh to participate 110th years celebration program of Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI).
I made a phone call to the MCCI office and said, I am a writer and scientific researcher very much interested to participate into APJ Abdul Kalam Sir’s program.
I visited their office and MCCI staff Sakib Korayshi bhai gave me an Invitation Card of Youth Dialogue Program host at 17th October 2014 at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka.
It was excellent evening with APJ Kalam and about 700 students from 16 different Universities in Bangladesh. He delivered his speech around 40 minutes .
He said, There will always be problems in life. Problems should not become your captain, rather you should become the captain of the problem, defeat the problem and succeed. Your dreams will be Bangladesh's dream, your thoughts will be Bangladesh's thoughts, and your actions will be Bangladesh's action.
He said, Small aim is a crime. How you manage your failure is a big issue. Leaders know how to handle success and failures equally. Leaders should be where the problem is. This is the real leadership. It is true in case of trade, commerce, business and politics. I am born with potential. I am born with goodness and trust. I am born with ideas and dreams. I am born with greatness. I am born with wings. I am not meant for crawling because I have wings. I will learn to use them and fly.
After his speech, a conversation was held between students and APJ Kalam. Students asked questions to him and he answered them.
I wanted met and talk to him to give him my book and show a presentation. So, before program started a MCCI staff namely Farooq sir introduced me with AJP Kalam Sir’s Private Secretary. He said, after after program he will bring me to the scientist.
When he was intended to leave the Ball Room, I stands in-front of him and tried with my own but security staffs do not allow me to talk him. So, I looked at the APJ Sir’s Private Secretary R K Prasad that he was walking just behind him. He come forward and take me in-front of APJ Kalam Sir and said little about me.
Dr. Kalam Sir received my book, and said; What book? Prime Radiant? Ok I will read it.
I replied; Sir, this is Psychohistory. It is Study of Future Prediction, as Calculus is Study of Change.
Then I gave him my Presentation CD and he leave the place ground with high security and personal team.
Read my Book, Prime Radiant da Luxuries Physics: Hatashe’s Hypothesis and the Principle Mathematics of Applied Psychohistory: (online)
Power Point Presentation of Physics of Noble Materials
Physics of Noble Materials: The Life Simulation Device “Obama” of Commonwealth System; Wherever Commonwealth, Internet & Telecom System is the Life Simulation Platform and Obama, Computer & Mobile Phone is their Prime Radiant Devices.
Physics of Noble Materials, ChiefGuest/President: Professor Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Physicist and Nuclear Scientist, 11th President of the Republic of India, 18 October 2014 |, Bangabandhu International Conference Center – BICC, Presented by: Project Seldon Programs and the PRISM, Chief Scientist: Professor Dr. Barack Obama, Spokesman: Hasan Uz-Zaman, MDHSM@BUP
The Machine Would Predict Future :: Physics of Noble Materials: The Life Simulation Device “Obama” of Commonwealth System; Wherever Commonwealth, Internet & Telecom System is the Life Simulation Platform and Obama, Computer & Mobile Phone is their Prime Radiant Devices.
Revelation of Psychohistory: Psychohistory! It is a new Branch of Mathematics, the term psychohistory was popularized by scientific writer Isaac Asimov for he is widely considered as father of Psychohistory. Applied Psychohistory! When psychohistory is subject to application, it is appear as Branch of Physics.
Revelation of Psychohistory: Psychohistory work to measure the mass action of collective human behaviors to predict the general course of future flow. Psychohistory is a mathematical study of future prediction, as same calculus is study of change, geometry is the study of shape, and algebra is the study of operations. Psychohistory is a language to mathematical communication and program development for Prime Radiant Devices.
Color Coding to trace the Object Object: Electronic color code is used to recognize the values and ratings of electronic components, devices, and other elements, very commonly for Resistor, also for Capacitor, Inductor, and others. Separated color code also used to indentify wires in Telecommunication cables.
Color Coding to trace the Action: Action: Traffic light signals are use color coding to deliver the message to action for very near future to rightly guided the highway sentient object. Most commonly used color is Red, Yellow, and Green on the Surface, Water, Air, and Space. Color code also use in the Espionage community to deliver the intelligent message and information in a short.
Color Coding to trace the Future: Prediction: Color graph of Stoke Exchange and Forex Market hold the information of future economical flow. This color coding was not set by particular message. But user to predict the future market flow by observing color streaming on the graph. Prediction accuracy depend on user’s experience, and skill.
Color Equations: the Psychohistorical equations showing the future Development of Humanity. Prime Radiant device should appear it on the projection. Following color-coding to equations within itself for ready comprehension by Psychohistorians: 01. Seldon Black or Obama Black, 02. Speaker Red, 03. Deviation Blue, 04. Notation Green, 05. Projection Purple, 06. Red Square Kremlin, 07. White House.
Color Equations: 1. Seldon Black- is the original Plan equations of future development and defined as Seldon Crises, the Plan’s duration, and the yield of the Second and Third world. 2. Speaker Red- are additions to the plan and the another foundation of future developments. This convention is supposed; all men are like Grass, and all its Glory like the flower of Grass. The Grass withers and the Flower falls off; But Development of Humanity stands forever.
Future Flow: When Quantum Mechanics and Kinetic theory are not capable to define characteristics of a single molecules in the chemical reaction but their mass characteristics. As such, Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O) produce Water (H2O). So, the product of a chemical reaction is predictable. If we imagine to consider the human instead of the molecules. So, mass action of human behaviors is predictable that it will emerge a course of future flow of human civilization.
Prime Radiant Device and Equations: The Prime Radiant device belongs to a giant platform namely Commonwealth, as internet is simulated platform of web universe. On the every step of entities, the equations show the information of Course, Bearings and Headings of future flow. Once mathematical calculation done on simply with handwriting on the papers, there was no excel nor any software. Dit-Dah Morse Code was the beginning of radio and telecommunication. Project Seldon deserve the equilibrium state of least prediction.
Background of Project Seldon Program: When Isaac Asimov popularized the term Psychohistory in his foundation series and said that this is a news branch of mathematics. The mathematics is also subject to predict the general course of future flow. The world made sense on his concept. He designed the project proposal in literature form along with through many characters. According to experience , this prediction is subject to consider that many a young and professionals have been dreaming to transmute the Project into fact.
Presentation END: Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the Rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.“ Genesis 9:14-17
Prime Radiant and Integrated Simulation Module (PRISM Program):The Machine that Would Predict the Future
Sir Isaac Newton: Isaac Newton developed the use of calculus in his laws of motion and gravitation.
Gottfried Leibniz: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was the first to publish his results on the development of calculus.
Isaac Asimov: Isaac Asimov popularized the term Psychohistory in his foundation series and said that this is a news branch of mathematics. The mathematics is also subject to predict the general course of future flow.
Professor Dr. Barack Obama: Barack Obama, a Harvard teacher is widely known as political scientist and Chief Scientist of the Project Seldon Programs. He appeared in the world stage when he delivered his message and concept of Change theory.
APJ Abdul Kalam: APJ Abdul Kalam is a pioneer Indian Physicist, Nuclear Scientist and Space Scientist, also Director of the Project Seldon Programs.
Vladimir Putin: Vladimir Putin, who widely known for his Brain Pattern Communication Circuit and Trans-receiver unit.
Robert Fuller: Robert W. Fuller, an American physicist, mathematician and known for Dignity and Rankism theories is adviser of the Project Seldon Programs.
Malia Ann: Malia Ann, who is student from Sidwell Friends School and George Washington State University, author of many scientific books and known for concept of Theory of Prediction.
Hasanuzzaman: Hasanuzzaman, also spelling for Hasan Uz-Zaman is student from Harvard, MIT and University of Queensland, and also Bangladesh University of Professionals is a Spokesman of the Project Seldon Programs. Author of many scientific books.
Edward Snoden: Edward Snoden, who is a commuter programming technician worked for NSA’s PRISM Program. Later the PRISM Programs acquired by the master project Project Seldon Programs and formed its extension name Project Seldon Programs and the PRISM.
© Hasanuzzaman Talukdar Shemul 

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