Thursday, November 6, 2014

In the last month of September 2013, Bangladesh Community Radio owners gathered in the Prime Minister Office to set a future course of community radio family in Bangladesh and they launched Bangladesh Community Radio Broadcasters Association (BCRBA) in order to support and to guide the 16 community radios in Bangladesh. For kind of information, the following 16 community radios are existing in Bangladesh currently;
Kommunite Radio Sagor Giri 99.2 FM 
Kommunite Radio Nalta 99.2 FM 
Kommunite Radio Mukti 99.2 FM 
Kommunite Radio Pollikontho 99.2 FM 
Barandro Kommunite Radiahananda 98.8 FM 
Kommunite Radio Padma 99.2 FM 
Kommunite Radio Jhinuk 99.2 FM 
Kommunite Radio Bikrampur 99.2 FM 
Kommunite Radio Lokobetar 99.2 FM 
Kommunite Radio Chilmari 99.2 FM 
Kommunite Radio Sundarban 98.8 FM 
Kommunite Radio Naf 99.2 FM 
Kommunite Rural Radio 98.8 FM 
Kommunite Radio Sagar Dheep 
Kommunite Radio COAST Trust 
Kommunite Radio NeeL 98.2 FM

Why the Radio Associations started wherever Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communications (BNNRC) is belongs to them as their highest level of guardian? Is the BNNRC is not capable to guide the community radios right way?
Actually the BNNRC brought the idea of community radio in Bangladesh and made it into the fact but they did not set any future course for community radio that how community radio will survive surrounded by the satellite Medias and its long time sustainability. So the owners thought they need another platform to work with community radio and make it available in the community peoples, to work more closely with marginalized, underprivileged and most vulnerable groups in the society.
They looked for Prime Minister's attention because to operate and broadcast the radio channels they will need more money. BNNRC cannot provide money nor do they have available fund. And in fact the radio channels is enough do not mature yet to survive alone nor do have capability to transmit 24 hours programs.
Prime Minister Office's special project Access to Information (a2i) program approved the Bangladesh and they launched Bangladesh Community Radio Broadcasters Association (BCRBA). Initially secondary meeting in Prime Minister Office decided to create a blog platform for the community radios staffs, listeners and supporting body that they may to share and discuss in a platform around the Bangladesh.
In conclusion, community radio is very important tools for the development, especially for marginalized, underprivileged and most vulnerable groups in the society. Still now this group is not seemed to the public media nor familiar with education, nutrition and healthy foods.
So, how the Prime Minister office will support the Kommunite Radio Association, to fund them directly or will find a way for them that the radio individuals may survive alone?

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