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"APJ Dr. Abdul Kalam, People’s Professor, People’s President and the Bill Beats, I am Your’s Sir, Always I am Your’s"
Scientist APJ Abdul Kalam with Rokia Afzal Rahman the president of MCCI at their 110th anniversary celebrations at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in Dhaka
In the previous article; Psychohistory, Study of Future Prediction, as Calculus is Study of Change: Program with APJ Kalam, I have written about something of our first meet.

After see him, met with him and know more about him. I commented as bellow,
APJ Dr. Abdul Kalam, for his extra ordinary teaching capacity and skill, the world really astonished. He is the only man after the Prophet Muhammad of Arab, become known as teacher of the world for he has million of students in every country in the world. So, he is familiar as People's Professor, as he already known as People's President. He is the most popular president India ever created. Today super power India, today's sustainable economic development of India build through his hand, his plan,, his work, his theories, his vision as he always said a leader must have vision for his country. He defined few characteristics of a good leader. He is a good and successful leader.

APJ Abdul Kalam of India! In the western civilization, people know him as Bill Beats for he is a wiser person in his edge, as world's wealthiest person William Henry known as Bill Gates.

One is in wisdom and knowledge and another one is in money and wealth. But who is great? Question to the readers.

I said; I am your's Sir, I am your's. If I did/do any mistake, also always I am your's, Sir! I love you, we love you.

Inspirational Speech at SRM University delivered by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam the People's Professor: 

India Interacts the Exclusive Interview with Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam: 

In 9th October 2014 in PUSA, New Delhi, he joined at Inauguration program of Ayurvet Knowledge Symposium 2014 Integrating Agriculture and Livestock for Sustainability. He presented a paper in the symposium namely; "Livestock development is directly proportional to National development through Agriculture", that you will find it in many website, news papers and journal and specifically in his website

This paper's theory is divided into three parts; APJ Kalam’s Hypothesis, Kalam’s Theory of National Development and Doctrine of APJ Abdul Kalam. 

I explained his theory's first part APJ Kalam's Hypothesis of National Development.

APJ Kalam’s Hypothesis: Livestock Development is Directly Proportional to National Development through Agriculture.

First we explain APJ Kalam’s hypothesis that already he described little a bit, when it is enough mature to explain in literature format, in every possible way, and would possible to develop at-least mathematical formation, then we will prove it through mathematically so it may establish as Theory.
Kalam’s Theory of National Development.

After prove it as theory, we will apply this theory of the proposal or concept in the real world, mean everyday’s practical life of humankind, then when it also become true in the real world practical life and application, so it would call as Doctrine.
Doctrine of APJ Abdul Kalam!

Now, we found there two variables in the relationship of proportional, first one is Livestock development and second variable is National Development, that they both are always accompanied by a change in the other.

The changes are always related by use of a constant that is Agriculture. It is our desired constant is called the coefficient of proportionality or proportionality constant.

So, Livestock development is directly proportional to National Development through Agriculture
L α N
= > L = C x N
L = Livestock Development,
N = National Development,
C = Constant Agriculture, considered a different standard value for every different countries.
So, livestock development is equal to product of agricultural constant and national development.

Hence, When Agricultural development is subject of Livestock development, it define the National development of a nation to makes it great.

Urbanization to Capitalization:
Now, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi can apply APJ Abdul Kalam's theory to Indian development fields in the rural level to urban level that the theory will open a new era of development of human civilization. And establish it as Doctrine.

I also recommend to Premier Narendra Modi to givea great Farewell to the Bill Beats APJ Abdul Kalam sir at the starting point of his theory application that India ever seen.

I also recommend to Premier Narendra Modi to give a great Farewell to the Bill Beats APJ Abdul Kalam sir at the starting point of his theory application that we ever seen

© Hasanuzzaman Talukdar Shemul

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