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“. . . Remember, one day you will appear before God and answer for your deeds . . . O People, no prophet or apostle will come after me, and no new faith will be born . . . Be my witness, O God, that I have conveyed your message to your people . . . ‘This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My Grace upon you; Quran 5:3’ […]” -Last Sermon a Final Admonition, by Hz. Muhammad (s.m.), 9th March 632.
What was the foundation of the today’s telecom science & technology? On whatever we the modern human civilization is stand-alone. We talk, watch television, and listen radio, internet, even hyperspace communication! Now a days we cannot imagine a single moment without phone, internet in the personal life, business & corporate dealings, religious practices, and etc. Nevertheless, it does not mean that if the ultra supper communication technology would blackout, the human civilization may fall down or destroy. Since the beginning of the creature sentient, people never was fool but the scientific innovation made their life faster and easy.
A scholarly question is that what does improved by the scientific developments and the perspective of its requirements. If not all of those are required, so does the humankind engaged to a specific assignment for what humanity have to move forward to the future innovative developments of science & technology?
In the last millennium, the humanity improved only 0.3 to 0.5 percent.
Now, these science and technology does improved life span of people.
Answer is No. 
Does it give an eternal life or immortality to humankind?

Answer is No. 
Does it protect human from diseases? 
Answer is yes. Scientific innovation discovered lot of medicine against diseases, which are causes to death. Medical sciences are discovered lot of surgery and prescribed patients. The medicine and vaccine save the human life from mass death of populations. Still medicine of cancer, AIDS did not innovate.

The rate of death causes by the diseases reduced but this rate transform to other sectors such as accident. So the rate of unexpected death is remain same in the before and present and may in the near future. 
So, why we does need such innovation of scientific developments?
Does a not person were capable to how to eat, how to drink, how to walk and talk before the science and technology is appeared, before the telecommunication and internet?
Answer is yes. They also moved Asia to Europe, Russia to Australia, and Middle East to America. Still now, they are moving for their purpose but it is faster.
Populations in the world are growing very faster. However, food, nutrition, health security and accommodation are not enough. Therefore, humankind has to arrange such available facilitate. Therefore, the world has to the science, and technology.
In the second millennium, science and technology are put effort to improve & innovation on the following sectors that are most required to the humankind (FRC);
Food technology, 
Real estate: engineering & construction, 
Communication: Surface, water, air & space and radio, phone & internet,

It may not mistake to say that mobile phone device reached to every village in Bangladesh. It happened because of its requirements and usefulness. Even village’s young people are using android operating system mobile phone and taking maximum advantage and services from it. Satellite television is not available to everybody even in Dhaka city. Nevertheless, many a people are watching all satellite TV channels by using mobile phone application. It just need an android operating system mobile phone and faster speed internet connection. However, the TV network not speared-out openly but already, it reached to the people as as if wireless transmission device radio set people used before the generation.
This beginning was saying about standard foundation of today’s telecommunication technology.
American artist Samuel F. B. Morse, the American physicist Joseph Henry, and Alfred Vail developed an electrical telegraph system in 1836 to sent pulses of electric current to receiver. It was capable to transmit “bep” and “beeep” pulses/sound/noise, later Samuel Morse named the signal sound as “dit”, and “dah”. He set codes after English letters and numbers. His code was familiar as Morse code. One-day people became successes to transmit voice and then now a day’s data, video and heavy loaded information too.
Illustration of years with a 00–01 demarcation
Chart of the Morse code letters and numerals.

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