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Amnesty Letter to Minister of Justice of Hellenic Republic Greece on Paraskevi Kokoni

Minister of Justice,
Transparency and Human Rights,

Ministry of Justice,
Transparency and Human Rights,
96 Mesogeion Avenue,
115 27, Athens, Greece

Your Excellency,

I am writing to urge you to ensure that the men responsible for the attack on Paraskevi Kokoni and her nephew are convicted without delay, and that any sentence takes into account the racist motive of the crime.

Paraskevi Kokoni is a Roma woman living in western Greece. She and her 23-year old nephew Kostas, who is mentally disabled, were beaten in a violent, racist attack in October 2012, in the main square of their home town of Etoliko in western Greece.Paraskevi says that one of her attackers singled her out as a relative of a local Roma leader. Furthermore, before the attack she was the victim of one of a series of vicious racist raids on Roma families in the same village.

The police have since charged three men with serious bodily harm for the attack in October 2012, but the potentially racist motive has been ignored during the investigation. Any conviction which fully recognizes the racist intent behind the assault will send a strong message and help protect Roma people across Greece from further attacks. I thus urge you to ensure that the men responsible for the attack on Paraskevi Kokoni and her nephew are convicted without delay, and that any sentence takes into account the racist motive of the crime.

Yours sincerely,

Md. Hasanuzzaman Talukdar


International Member and Volunteer Facilitator
International Secretariat of Amnesty International

Amnesty Letter to Norway Minister Bent Hoie on John Jeanette's Rights

Brent Høie,
Minister of Health and Care Services,

PO Box 8011 Dep,
0030 Oslo,

Your Excellency,

I am writing to urge you to ensure laws are in place to allow John Jeanette to change her their legal gender, without having to undergo compulsory medical treatment.

John Jeanette Solstad Remø is a 65 year old transgender woman. When she came out as transgender in 2010, it was relatively easy for her to change her legal name, but she was not allowed to change her legal gender. She was told she would need a compulsory ‘real sex conversion’. This conversion includes psychiatric diagnosis and compulsory medical treatment, including genital reassignment surgery and sterilisation. John Jeanette refuses to put herself through this, which means all her official documents still refer to her as ‘Mr’ or ‘male’.

Her transgender identity is public, and often commented on whenever she has to show some form of ID, such as when she checks into a hotel or borrows a book from the local library. As well as suffering discrimination and harassment, John Jeanette could also have problems getting appropriate health care. I therefore call the government to ensure laws are in place to allow John Jeanette and all transgender people in Norway to change their legal gender, without having to undergo compulsory medical treatment.

Yours sincerely,

Md. Hasanuzzaman Talukdar




International Member and Volunteer Facilitator

International Secretariat of Amnesty International

Amnesty Letter to His Majesty King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud on Raif Badawi

His Majesty
King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques,
Office of His Majesty the King,
Royal Court, Riyadh,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Your Excellency,

I am writing to urge you to immediately release Raif Badawi, as he is being held solely for exercising his right to freedom of expression.

Raif Badawi was jailed for 10 years in May 2014 after starting a website for social and political debate in Saudi Arabia. He was charged with creating the ‘Saudi Arabian Liberals’ website and insulting Islam. His sentence also included 1,000 lashes, a 10-year travel ban, and a ban on appearing on media outlets. Corporal punishment, such as flogging, violates international law, which prohibits torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The prosecution had called for him to be tried for ‘apostasy’ (when a person abandons their religion), which carries the death sentence.

Raif is one of many activists in Saudi Arabia persecuted for expressing their views online.  He is a prisoner of conscience who is guilty of nothing more than daring to create a public forum for discussion and peacefully exercising the right to freedom of expression. I thus ask you to release Raif Badawi immediately. All charges against him should be dropped and his sentence quashed, and the authorities should refrain from carrying out the flogging punishment.

Yours sincerely,

Md. Hasanuzzaman Talukdar




International Member and Volunteer Facilitator

International Secretariat of Amnesty International

Amnesty Letter to Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan the Governor of Delta State in Nigeria to Save Moses Akatugba Life

His Excellency 
Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan
Governor of Delta State,
Officer of the Governor,
Government House, Asaba,
Delta State,

His Excellency,

I am writing to urge you to commute Moses Akatugba’s sentence so he does not face death.

On 27 November 2005, Moses Akatugba was arrested by the Nigerian army and, he says, shot in the hand, beaten on the head and back, and then charged with stealing mobile phones. He says they tied him and hung him up for several hours, and then used pliers to pull out his toe and finger nails. He was then forced to sign two pre-written confessions. Last year, he was sentenced to death for armed robbery, a crime he says he did not commit.

Moses was 16 when he was arrested, and 24 when he was sentenced to death. His claims of torture have still not been investigated, even though Nigeria's constitution prohibits torture. Moreover, under international law, he should not have been sentenced to death, as he was a child at the time of the crime. I therefore demand that you commute Moses Akatugba’s sentence so he does not face death, and fully investigate Moses’ allegations that he was tortured.

Yours sincerely,

Md. Hasanuzzaman Talukdar


International Member and Volunteer Facilitator
International Secretariat of Amnesty International 

Amnesty Letter to Pravin Gordhan: Ensuring better health care for women and girls in Mkhondo Municipality

Pravin Gordhan,
Chair of the Inter-Ministerial Task Team on Service Delivery in South Africa
Private Bag X802,
Pretoria, 0001,
South Africa

Your Excellency,

I am writing to urge you to ensure that better health care is provided for women and girls in Mkhondo Municipality.

Pregnant women and new mothers in Mkhondo Municipality in eastern South Africa are dying needlessly because they are not getting vital health care. Maternal mortality rates have increased by more than double in one rural health district in Mpumalanga, and Mkhondo is in one of the worst-performing health districts in the country. To reduce the risk of dying, pregnant women and girls need medical care from the early stages of pregnancy, but many avoid clinics because they fear the lack of privacy and patient confidentiality. Others are put off by nurses who shout at them for getting pregnant too young.

In addition, many cannot reach the clinics because public transport is scarce or too pricey. Across the district, there is a chronic lack of trained medical staff. Furthermore, a dire shortage of ambulances often leaves pregnant women stranded in emergencies. I therefore urge the authorities to prioritize better health care for women and girls in Mkhondo Municipality.

Yours sincerely,

Md. Hasanuzzaman Talukdar


International Member and Volunteer Facilitator
International Secretariat of Amnesty International 

Bill Beats Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam the People's Professor, an Acclaimed Scientist Ever Born in the World

"APJ Dr. Abdul Kalam, People’s Professor, People’s President and the Bill Beats, I am Your’s Sir, Always I am Your’s"
Scientist APJ Abdul Kalam with Rokia Afzal Rahman the president of MCCI at their 110th anniversary celebrations at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in Dhaka
In the previous article; Psychohistory, Study of Future Prediction, as Calculus is Study of Change: Program with APJ Kalam, I have written about something of our first meet.

After see him, met with him and know more about him. I commented as bellow,
APJ Dr. Abdul Kalam, for his extra ordinary teaching capacity and skill, the world really astonished. He is the only man after the Prophet Muhammad of Arab, become known as teacher of the world for he has million of students in every country in the world. So, he is familiar as People's Professor, as he already known as People's President. He is the most popular president India ever created. Today super power India, today's sustainable economic development of India build through his hand, his plan,, his work, his theories, his vision as he always said a leader must have vision for his country. He defined few characteristics of a good leader. He is a good and successful leader.

APJ Abdul Kalam of India! In the western civilization, people know him as Bill Beats for he is a wiser person in his edge, as world's wealthiest person William Henry known as Bill Gates.

One is in wisdom and knowledge and another one is in money and wealth. But who is great? Question to the readers.

I said; I am your's Sir, I am your's. If I did/do any mistake, also always I am your's, Sir! I love you, we love you.

Inspirational Speech at SRM University delivered by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam the People's Professor: 

India Interacts the Exclusive Interview with Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam: 

In 9th October 2014 in PUSA, New Delhi, he joined at Inauguration program of Ayurvet Knowledge Symposium 2014 Integrating Agriculture and Livestock for Sustainability. He presented a paper in the symposium namely; "Livestock development is directly proportional to National development through Agriculture", that you will find it in many website, news papers and journal and specifically in his website

This paper's theory is divided into three parts; APJ Kalam’s Hypothesis, Kalam’s Theory of National Development and Doctrine of APJ Abdul Kalam. 

I explained his theory's first part APJ Kalam's Hypothesis of National Development.

APJ Kalam’s Hypothesis: Livestock Development is Directly Proportional to National Development through Agriculture.

First we explain APJ Kalam’s hypothesis that already he described little a bit, when it is enough mature to explain in literature format, in every possible way, and would possible to develop at-least mathematical formation, then we will prove it through mathematically so it may establish as Theory.
Kalam’s Theory of National Development.

After prove it as theory, we will apply this theory of the proposal or concept in the real world, mean everyday’s practical life of humankind, then when it also become true in the real world practical life and application, so it would call as Doctrine.
Doctrine of APJ Abdul Kalam!

Now, we found there two variables in the relationship of proportional, first one is Livestock development and second variable is National Development, that they both are always accompanied by a change in the other.

The changes are always related by use of a constant that is Agriculture. It is our desired constant is called the coefficient of proportionality or proportionality constant.

So, Livestock development is directly proportional to National Development through Agriculture
L α N
= > L = C x N
L = Livestock Development,
N = National Development,
C = Constant Agriculture, considered a different standard value for every different countries.
So, livestock development is equal to product of agricultural constant and national development.

Hence, When Agricultural development is subject of Livestock development, it define the National development of a nation to makes it great.

Urbanization to Capitalization:
Now, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi can apply APJ Abdul Kalam's theory to Indian development fields in the rural level to urban level that the theory will open a new era of development of human civilization. And establish it as Doctrine.

I also recommend to Premier Narendra Modi to givea great Farewell to the Bill Beats APJ Abdul Kalam sir at the starting point of his theory application that India ever seen.

I also recommend to Premier Narendra Modi to give a great Farewell to the Bill Beats APJ Abdul Kalam sir at the starting point of his theory application that we ever seen

© Hasanuzzaman Talukdar Shemul

Psychohistory, Study of Future Prediction, as Calculus is Study of Change: Program with APJ Abdul Kalam

Professor Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, 11th President of the India Republic and pioneer Physicist and Nuclear Scientist. Image © Prothom Alo
Few days ago I heard that 11th President of the India Republic and pioneer Physicist and Nuclear Scientist APJ Abdul Kalam are coming Bangladesh to participate 110th years celebration program of Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI).
I made a phone call to the MCCI office and said, I am a writer and scientific researcher very much interested to participate into APJ Abdul Kalam Sir’s program.
I visited their office and MCCI staff Sakib Korayshi bhai gave me an Invitation Card of Youth Dialogue Program host at 17th October 2014 at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka.
It was excellent evening with APJ Kalam and about 700 students from 16 different Universities in Bangladesh. He delivered his speech around 40 minutes .
He said, There will always be problems in life. Problems should not become your captain, rather you should become the captain of the problem, defeat the problem and succeed. Your dreams will be Bangladesh's dream, your thoughts will be Bangladesh's thoughts, and your actions will be Bangladesh's action.
He said, Small aim is a crime. How you manage your failure is a big issue. Leaders know how to handle success and failures equally. Leaders should be where the problem is. This is the real leadership. It is true in case of trade, commerce, business and politics. I am born with potential. I am born with goodness and trust. I am born with ideas and dreams. I am born with greatness. I am born with wings. I am not meant for crawling because I have wings. I will learn to use them and fly.
After his speech, a conversation was held between students and APJ Kalam. Students asked questions to him and he answered them.
I wanted met and talk to him to give him my book and show a presentation. So, before program started a MCCI staff namely Farooq sir introduced me with AJP Kalam Sir’s Private Secretary. He said, after after program he will bring me to the scientist.
When he was intended to leave the Ball Room, I stands in-front of him and tried with my own but security staffs do not allow me to talk him. So, I looked at the APJ Sir’s Private Secretary R K Prasad that he was walking just behind him. He come forward and take me in-front of APJ Kalam Sir and said little about me.
Dr. Kalam Sir received my book, and said; What book? Prime Radiant? Ok I will read it.
I replied; Sir, this is Psychohistory. It is Study of Future Prediction, as Calculus is Study of Change.
Then I gave him my Presentation CD and he leave the place ground with high security and personal team.
Read my Book, Prime Radiant da Luxuries Physics: Hatashe’s Hypothesis and the Principle Mathematics of Applied Psychohistory: (online)
Power Point Presentation of Physics of Noble Materials
Physics of Noble Materials: The Life Simulation Device “Obama” of Commonwealth System; Wherever Commonwealth, Internet & Telecom System is the Life Simulation Platform and Obama, Computer & Mobile Phone is their Prime Radiant Devices.
Physics of Noble Materials, ChiefGuest/President: Professor Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Physicist and Nuclear Scientist, 11th President of the Republic of India, 18 October 2014 |, Bangabandhu International Conference Center – BICC, Presented by: Project Seldon Programs and the PRISM, Chief Scientist: Professor Dr. Barack Obama, Spokesman: Hasan Uz-Zaman, MDHSM@BUP
The Machine Would Predict Future :: Physics of Noble Materials: The Life Simulation Device “Obama” of Commonwealth System; Wherever Commonwealth, Internet & Telecom System is the Life Simulation Platform and Obama, Computer & Mobile Phone is their Prime Radiant Devices.
Revelation of Psychohistory: Psychohistory! It is a new Branch of Mathematics, the term psychohistory was popularized by scientific writer Isaac Asimov for he is widely considered as father of Psychohistory. Applied Psychohistory! When psychohistory is subject to application, it is appear as Branch of Physics.
Revelation of Psychohistory: Psychohistory work to measure the mass action of collective human behaviors to predict the general course of future flow. Psychohistory is a mathematical study of future prediction, as same calculus is study of change, geometry is the study of shape, and algebra is the study of operations. Psychohistory is a language to mathematical communication and program development for Prime Radiant Devices.
Color Coding to trace the Object Object: Electronic color code is used to recognize the values and ratings of electronic components, devices, and other elements, very commonly for Resistor, also for Capacitor, Inductor, and others. Separated color code also used to indentify wires in Telecommunication cables.
Color Coding to trace the Action: Action: Traffic light signals are use color coding to deliver the message to action for very near future to rightly guided the highway sentient object. Most commonly used color is Red, Yellow, and Green on the Surface, Water, Air, and Space. Color code also use in the Espionage community to deliver the intelligent message and information in a short.
Color Coding to trace the Future: Prediction: Color graph of Stoke Exchange and Forex Market hold the information of future economical flow. This color coding was not set by particular message. But user to predict the future market flow by observing color streaming on the graph. Prediction accuracy depend on user’s experience, and skill.
Color Equations: the Psychohistorical equations showing the future Development of Humanity. Prime Radiant device should appear it on the projection. Following color-coding to equations within itself for ready comprehension by Psychohistorians: 01. Seldon Black or Obama Black, 02. Speaker Red, 03. Deviation Blue, 04. Notation Green, 05. Projection Purple, 06. Red Square Kremlin, 07. White House.
Color Equations: 1. Seldon Black- is the original Plan equations of future development and defined as Seldon Crises, the Plan’s duration, and the yield of the Second and Third world. 2. Speaker Red- are additions to the plan and the another foundation of future developments. This convention is supposed; all men are like Grass, and all its Glory like the flower of Grass. The Grass withers and the Flower falls off; But Development of Humanity stands forever.
Future Flow: When Quantum Mechanics and Kinetic theory are not capable to define characteristics of a single molecules in the chemical reaction but their mass characteristics. As such, Hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O) produce Water (H2O). So, the product of a chemical reaction is predictable. If we imagine to consider the human instead of the molecules. So, mass action of human behaviors is predictable that it will emerge a course of future flow of human civilization.
Prime Radiant Device and Equations: The Prime Radiant device belongs to a giant platform namely Commonwealth, as internet is simulated platform of web universe. On the every step of entities, the equations show the information of Course, Bearings and Headings of future flow. Once mathematical calculation done on simply with handwriting on the papers, there was no excel nor any software. Dit-Dah Morse Code was the beginning of radio and telecommunication. Project Seldon deserve the equilibrium state of least prediction.
Background of Project Seldon Program: When Isaac Asimov popularized the term Psychohistory in his foundation series and said that this is a news branch of mathematics. The mathematics is also subject to predict the general course of future flow. The world made sense on his concept. He designed the project proposal in literature form along with through many characters. According to experience , this prediction is subject to consider that many a young and professionals have been dreaming to transmute the Project into fact.
Presentation END: Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the Rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life. So God said to Noah, “This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on the earth.“ Genesis 9:14-17
Prime Radiant and Integrated Simulation Module (PRISM Program):The Machine that Would Predict the Future
Sir Isaac Newton: Isaac Newton developed the use of calculus in his laws of motion and gravitation.
Gottfried Leibniz: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was the first to publish his results on the development of calculus.
Isaac Asimov: Isaac Asimov popularized the term Psychohistory in his foundation series and said that this is a news branch of mathematics. The mathematics is also subject to predict the general course of future flow.
Professor Dr. Barack Obama: Barack Obama, a Harvard teacher is widely known as political scientist and Chief Scientist of the Project Seldon Programs. He appeared in the world stage when he delivered his message and concept of Change theory.
APJ Abdul Kalam: APJ Abdul Kalam is a pioneer Indian Physicist, Nuclear Scientist and Space Scientist, also Director of the Project Seldon Programs.
Vladimir Putin: Vladimir Putin, who widely known for his Brain Pattern Communication Circuit and Trans-receiver unit.
Robert Fuller: Robert W. Fuller, an American physicist, mathematician and known for Dignity and Rankism theories is adviser of the Project Seldon Programs.
Malia Ann: Malia Ann, who is student from Sidwell Friends School and George Washington State University, author of many scientific books and known for concept of Theory of Prediction.
Hasanuzzaman: Hasanuzzaman, also spelling for Hasan Uz-Zaman is student from Harvard, MIT and University of Queensland, and also Bangladesh University of Professionals is a Spokesman of the Project Seldon Programs. Author of many scientific books.
Edward Snoden: Edward Snoden, who is a commuter programming technician worked for NSA’s PRISM Program. Later the PRISM Programs acquired by the master project Project Seldon Programs and formed its extension name Project Seldon Programs and the PRISM.
© Hasanuzzaman Talukdar Shemul 

3rd Millennium Initiative: What does Taking Place of Unfinished Science in the 4th

“. . . Remember, one day you will appear before God and answer for your deeds . . . O People, no prophet or apostle will come after me, and no new faith will be born . . . Be my witness, O God, that I have conveyed your message to your people . . . ‘This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My Grace upon you; Quran 5:3’ […]” -Last Sermon a Final Admonition, by Hz. Muhammad (s.m.), 9th March 632.
What was the foundation of the today’s telecom science & technology? On whatever we the modern human civilization is stand-alone. We talk, watch television, and listen radio, internet, even hyperspace communication! Now a days we cannot imagine a single moment without phone, internet in the personal life, business & corporate dealings, religious practices, and etc. Nevertheless, it does not mean that if the ultra supper communication technology would blackout, the human civilization may fall down or destroy. Since the beginning of the creature sentient, people never was fool but the scientific innovation made their life faster and easy.
A scholarly question is that what does improved by the scientific developments and the perspective of its requirements. If not all of those are required, so does the humankind engaged to a specific assignment for what humanity have to move forward to the future innovative developments of science & technology?
In the last millennium, the humanity improved only 0.3 to 0.5 percent.
Now, these science and technology does improved life span of people.
Answer is No. 
Does it give an eternal life or immortality to humankind?

Answer is No. 
Does it protect human from diseases? 
Answer is yes. Scientific innovation discovered lot of medicine against diseases, which are causes to death. Medical sciences are discovered lot of surgery and prescribed patients. The medicine and vaccine save the human life from mass death of populations. Still medicine of cancer, AIDS did not innovate.

The rate of death causes by the diseases reduced but this rate transform to other sectors such as accident. So the rate of unexpected death is remain same in the before and present and may in the near future. 
So, why we does need such innovation of scientific developments?
Does a not person were capable to how to eat, how to drink, how to walk and talk before the science and technology is appeared, before the telecommunication and internet?
Answer is yes. They also moved Asia to Europe, Russia to Australia, and Middle East to America. Still now, they are moving for their purpose but it is faster.
Populations in the world are growing very faster. However, food, nutrition, health security and accommodation are not enough. Therefore, humankind has to arrange such available facilitate. Therefore, the world has to the science, and technology.
In the second millennium, science and technology are put effort to improve & innovation on the following sectors that are most required to the humankind (FRC);
Food technology, 
Real estate: engineering & construction, 
Communication: Surface, water, air & space and radio, phone & internet,

It may not mistake to say that mobile phone device reached to every village in Bangladesh. It happened because of its requirements and usefulness. Even village’s young people are using android operating system mobile phone and taking maximum advantage and services from it. Satellite television is not available to everybody even in Dhaka city. Nevertheless, many a people are watching all satellite TV channels by using mobile phone application. It just need an android operating system mobile phone and faster speed internet connection. However, the TV network not speared-out openly but already, it reached to the people as as if wireless transmission device radio set people used before the generation.
This beginning was saying about standard foundation of today’s telecommunication technology.
American artist Samuel F. B. Morse, the American physicist Joseph Henry, and Alfred Vail developed an electrical telegraph system in 1836 to sent pulses of electric current to receiver. It was capable to transmit “bep” and “beeep” pulses/sound/noise, later Samuel Morse named the signal sound as “dit”, and “dah”. He set codes after English letters and numbers. His code was familiar as Morse code. One-day people became successes to transmit voice and then now a day’s data, video and heavy loaded information too.
Illustration of years with a 00–01 demarcation
Chart of the Morse code letters and numerals.

Azizur Rahman Aziz, a Living Poet in the City: Dhaka Metro in Bangladesh Republic

This presents moment of 2014 and the near future & near past are defined as the vacuum period of the Bengali literature by many scholars, professors and literature readers in Bangladesh. In the recent, most of notable literature laureates have passed away. Poet Shamsur Rahman, Novelist Humayan Ahmed, writer Humayan Azad and etc are most said name in this line of modern bengali literature. Another living poet is Al Mahmud also no longer involved with writing due to his higher ages and illness.
In the vacuum period of Bengali literature, we found and has known about another poet who’s extra ordinary writing may give us hope and a future prosperity in the Bengali literature.
His name Azizur Rahman Aziz, entitled as Living Poet in the City!
Azizur Rahman Aziz has lot of publication of poetry books, novels, story compacts, drama & plays. He is also lyricist and composer. Presently he holds the position of Chairman of Bangladesh National Museum Trustee Board.
Azizur Rahman Aziz was born in January 10, 1944 to father Abdul Mannan and mother Shirin Jahan in the Madaripur district in Bangladesh.
His notable publications and works are as bellow; 
Poetry books: 
Bishannya Shanglap (1982), Tabuo-Bache Acchi (1991), Nerantar Antare (1986), Beroti Hin Orchid (1982), Tomake ghere (1976), Head liner Shangbad (1990), Akhon Karo Na karo kechu Bala uchit (1996), Tomakay To Kichu Boli Nee (1998), Ananta Nagore Jabo (1998), Aie Prem Ananta Beraha (in 3 vols, Love Poems) Hrydaye-k-kari-khanda khanda, Bristi Jale Hrydae-Samuddur. Nirjan Nijjhum Shanday, Takhan Rat Akhon Adar, Megher Gore Bosot Bari (2014) and Projonmer Podaboli (2014).

Binastay Pren (1987), Sattaya Sundar Ananda (1992), Madhuri Abong and Annanya (1993), Karagar Karabash (1992), Anno Projapati (1993), Shudurer Rang Dhanu (1987), Dur Theke Dure (1986), Anita (1994), Bepannay Bashor, (1994), Ahato Prem (1995), Kalo Jadi Manda Tabe (1995), Jakhan Andamane (1997), Maddhaya Rater Shanglap (1998), Patherer Kanna (1998), Chandan Kather Seri, Asru-Jalay, Basantta Kade (2000), Jeban-o-Hrydaye kabba (2007), Deyal (2008), Sahar Talir kabba (2008), Nishi (2013) and more.

Aranney Pap (1983)
Child Literature:
Darbesh Pakhi, Asho Swadhinater Golpaya Boli. Achin Des-Er-Achin Katha, Parir Rajjay korlo Jara Joy, Mitha Rajar Deshe, Kono Ek Raj Konnar Kotha,

Short Films: 
Jaler Meye (Following a story on Jalmahal) by University Films Ltd. (1992).

Full Length Films:
Prem Shudhu Prem (Following the novel styled “Annyo Projapati”) by University Films Ltd.

TV Drams:
Jibon Jiboner Jannaya, Madhuri Abong Annaya (Package).

Serial Drama (Radio):
Jiboner Anginae based on family welfare.
Serial Drama (BTV):
Shukher Thikana based on primary health care, behavioral science, food security and nutrition.

Azizur Rahman Aziz started academic life in Kalamridha G O High School from where he completed matriculation degree and finished his Intermediate from Rajendra College, Faridpur. Later he studies and graduated from Nazimuddin College and earned Master of Arts in Bengali Language & Literature from Dhaka University. After few years later he has gone to United Kingdom and admitted to Queen Victoria University of Manchester.
During his professional service life he visited more than 20 countries around the world and received about 12 awards such as; Bronze Medal by Sanirvar Prokalpa, Gold Medal by oluntary mass participation as organizer, ABL (Intl Distinguished Leadership) Award.
Renaissance Shangskritic Sangsatha Award by Jessore(Dhaka based), Tri-taranga Sahitta Padak Chittagong, Micheal Madhusudhan Award Dhaka, Rishija Literacy Award Dhaka, Palak Literacy Award Dhaka, Kala Dhani Literacy Award Dhaka, Sher-E-Bangla Sahitta Padak Dhaka, United Kingdom Cambridge based Bibliographic Centre, `Man of the Year’ Award 1998 and etc.
Azizur Rahman Aziz said; I never thought I would become a popular poet and writer that people of the country will know and respect with thy name. I have been writing for myself to express my thinking and inner being. I write from my metal stress and the expressions make me more fit to be happy.
His every book was published regularly since his writing was started but he did not attended public audience or commercial publication. His books and poetry has been receiving by his colleagues, his students, his fellows and others readers surround him. Still now his every moment is involved with writing.
Azizur Rahman Aziz is a Living Poet in the City. He was founding Chief Information Commissioner (state minister equivalent rank), was former Governor of the Board of Governor of Islamic foundation Bangladesh. He is also friend of Bangladesh’s current Premier Sheikh Hasina.
Most of his readers want his poetry and story may enclose into the academic text books of high school and college level. His extra ordinary work in writing may sustain in the Bengali literature for long time.
I introduced with him in 2010 when my brother Kamruzzaman Palash brought me into Environment Council Bangladesh wherever Azizur Rahman Aziz is also Chairman of the organization. My brother Kamruzzaman Palash who is former United Nations Development Program (UNDP) employee, also worked for Environment council Bangladesh, a national level NGO. Few days later I joined to the organization as Program Officer, I found the poet in this office that most of the days of the week he attended in the NGO office.
In that times I also started writing column in the Modern Ghana news media and American Chronicle News family that the family was published 23 larger news portals from United States. When I wrote column in American Chronicle, it would publish in the 23 nos portal at a time but now it became shut down.
One day Editor of Modern Ghana namely Kwame Owusu informed me by email that I may play role as Operation Manager and South Asian Representative of the Modern Ghana that the Modern Ghana Media group is also a strong and large news group in the Africa territory and it is our hope that Modern Ghana will be a Africa based familiar news agency in the world.
After few months later of joining in the NGO, I left Environment Council Bangladesh and knew poet Aziz regularly attending to Bangladesh National Museum Office, he is Chairman of the government body. I visited his museum office and met here with Ahmed Towfiq, who is publisher of an online based Bengali newsportal namely, Somoyer Konthosor and poet Aziz is the chief patron of the new portal. I was started writing in the news portal as Science and Literature Editor and had opportunity to know more details about Azizur Rahman Aziz that just have knew he is a silent poet but a living poet in the city life.
Image from right: Saif Rahman the CEO & Founder of, Columnist Muhammad Waliwllah the Professor of Rajshahi University, Zerin Farjana the Editor of Somoyer Konthosor, Aminul Islam Bedu the Journalist of Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha, Hasanuzzaman, Azizur Rahman Aziz, and rest one is Advisor of Somoyer Konthosor. ©
Image: Mr. Ahmed Towfiq the Publisher of Somoyer Konthosor is speaking. ©
Image: Poet Azizur Rahman Aziz and his colleagues, well-wisher and team. ©
Image: Team Aziz gathered in the Pathok Somabesh Center at Shahabag in Dhaka Metropolitan City. ©

Draft Poetry in Bengali Literature: Living Poems Wahab Mohammad, Miran Miah and Kamrul Hasan

Modern Bengali literature is very well developed by the work of lot of modern poet, writer and novelist. Such as, Humayan Ahmed, Jafar Iqbal, Shamsur Rahman, Al Mahmud, Mohadev Shaha, and many more. Besides, sometime we also heard whisper of many a poet and writer whoever are written and became familiar for a short time for their extraordinary poetries.
In this line, most said names are Daud Haider, Rudro Mohammad Shahidullah, Rafiq Azad, They did spark themselves for a while. Wahab Mohammad, Miran Miah, and Kamrul Hasan are also poets in this draft poetry line.
Poet Daud Haider was such a poet that when he was young student and has gone to Dhaka University for admission interview. Than interview board asked him that do you know there have a young poet namely Daud Haider that his face value is similar to you.
Daud Haider softly replied; Sir, I am Daud Haider.
He was most familiar by his name more than his work.
Now Daud Haider lives in Germany since 1976. He left Bangladesh in 1974 and lived in India for few years than German Poet Günter Grass picked up him to Germany.
Rafiq Azad and Rudro Mohammad Shahidullah are also very wonderful poets. Rudro Mohammad Shahidullah was husband of Taslima Nasrin.
Wahab Mohammad! His full name is Mohammad Abdul Wahab or simply known as M. A. Wahab. His notable poetry book is “Mukto Probaho” (Spontaneous Flow) was written when he was living in Germany. In 1991, his wife Morsheda Khanom Rina was published his poetry book. Wahab Mohammad is a Poet, Song Writer, and Bible Scholar. His career was begun in Pakistan Army and after liberation war he left Bangladesh Army and has gone to Germany for Professional service and training purpose. In the Germany he wrote lot of poetries and translated few books. 
Wahab Mohamad was born in 8th February in 1946 in Pirojpur district in Bangladesh. The Secret of Prosperity is another famous book was written while he was in Kushtia in 1994. This book’s Bengali and English audio version was recorded in Germany and distributed into all over the world. Volcanic Eruption is another book of collection of article and column. He translated many books as such; God’s salvation is ready also for you, How do we pray, What do you think about Jesus Christ, What must I get salvation.
Wahab Mohammad also is a Motivational Speaker and Psychological Counsellor. M. A. Wahab is most familiar name in Bangladesh Christian Community. He also wrote many song and lyrics; Adharer Buk Cire and Alor Bistar Ghotate is his most familiar and heart breaking songs. Now he is working for Weekly Alor Foara as Editor and Publisher.
Another name Mohammad Miran Miah was also familiar poet during 1987 to 1996 in the poetry society in Dhaka. When he was wrote for many news paper & magazine, especially Oporadh Chitro, Dainik Shakti, Jaha Bolibo Sotto Bolibo, Camera (self publishing), Ishpat (self publishing), Onkur (Self publishing), Sabuj Pata (self publishing).
Miran Miah was born in 1st November 1968 in Gopalganj district in Bangladesh. His Father Mohammad Sona Miah was Freedom Fighter & Organizer, later he served as Teacher and village doctor. His Mother name is Saleha Begum. Miran Miah married to Lima Akter in 2003 and now blessed with a Daughter Lata Moni and Son Minhazul Miah. Miran Miah completed Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in 1984 from Nanikhir High School, Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) in 1987 from Bangobandhu College Gopalganj and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree from Dhaka City College in 1989.
During his Dhaka City College study, he was familiar with Poet Mohadev Shaha’s family, as a young poet Mohadev Shaha’s wife was loved him very much. He was also a very familiar name to Poet Shamsur Rahman.
Mohammad Miran Miah wrote more than one thousand poems, many Novels and Plays. His Poetry books are Onimesh, Akdin Chole Jabo Dure, Jevabe Jibon Chole, Miktijudder Chiti, Tumi Asbe, Kosto Gulo Jhore Pore, Tumi Ciro Sundor (Bangobondhu Sheikh Mujib), Chetonay Tumi Mujib and etc.
Novel Akkhay Thiti, and Vinno Bitter Jala is his great work. Pora Baruder Gondho and Bohurupi Ghor Jamay are his most performed plays.
Kamrul Hasan Kanak who is a Mathematics Teacher in Batikamari School and College in Muksudpur Upazila under Gopalganj district in Bangladesh, is also very wonderful poet. Kamrul Hasan is son of Haidar Ali Talukdar and Kamrun Nahar Shefaly. He was graduated from National University Bangladesh and now ongoing another Master degree in Mathematics from Islamic University, Kushtia. Bolechile Khopay Gujbe Na R Kono Rokto Golap, Ami Thomke Darai is his very popular poetries ever wrote in Bengali literature. He married to Snigdha Akter and blessed with a son Abul Hasan Ahanaf.

Strategic Analysis of India-USA Diplomatic Issue on Devyani Khobragade Incident

Indian Republic’s Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General in New York City was arrested on December 11, 2013 in a multiple charge of visa fraud and providing false statements of Sangeeta Richard, an Indian woman who is employment as a domestic worker for Khobragade in United States of America. The major part of the charge highlight about the lowly salary has been paid to her house worker, which is level bellow of USA salary standard.
The Deputy Consul General's name is Devyani Khobragade, a 39 years old very attractive young woman! Wikipedia described with reference from First Post and The Hindu that She is a Indian Foreign Service officer who until 18 December 2013 was deputy consul general in the Consulate General of India in New York. In 1999, She joined Indian Foreign Service. In her capacity of deputy consul general for India, she handled women's affairs as well as political and economic issues. Khobragade is married to a U.S. citizen, New York-born Aakash Singh Rathore, a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania; and they blessed with two children.
Devyani’s father claimed that USA government sexually harassed his daughter.
As a result, India – USA relationship is enough down and hot now. India has forced to withdraw Devyani Khobragade from USA and she safely arrived in her country. After the return of the Devyani, US embassy official Wayne May and his wife were expelled too by the Indian government, who is Devyani’s equivalent ranking USA officer in New Delhi.
Latest update is that Indian government asked to the USA embassy in India to provide information of all USA diplomatic personnel are working in India including their source of income and size of money.
Today afternoon, I have gone to meet Sikandar Abu Zafar Bhai, a Senior Researcher of Ekattor Media Limited (Ekattor TV) in Dhaka and a Archaeologist. He asked me to sit on his desk. I was using his official computer to read the news published in and I got an excellent analysis of the Devyani Khobragade Incident issue. Defiantly, we can be wise and intelligent with the company of wiser and researcher.
After the PRISM Surveillance Program of NSA uncovered by the former CIA contractor Edward Snowden, we found USA government and intelligent agencies are playing multiple operations on human behavior.
It is very difficult and impossible to find out one by one of corrupted person whoever violate labor law and do not maintain standard salary system for their employees. So, India and USA jointly launched an operation on mass action on their foreign citizen in order to reset their people’s honesty and guide them to follow the law and morality.
I do not know what does said in the labor law or labor code but think; at-least there must have a fair judgment for the employee and employer.
USA and India government are welcome to such clean heart operation but also they would require find alternate ways instead of the scenarios.
In conclusion, many a hidden character, genius and high official personal are became popular and familiar as media celebrity is but it is not the right way at all.

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